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Great Christmas Ring Image
The Great Christmas Ring is a mass-ringing handbell event designed for any 3 octave handbell ensemble to enjoy ringing in public places, networking with other bell ringers, and raising a few funds. The collection of 15 songs is written with no accidentals, no table techniques and no page turns -- so 22 bells and 7 music stands are all you need. The mix of secular Christmas music and carols are versatile and approachable and designed to let audiences enjoy handbells during the Christmas season when they are most expected.

Anyone can host a Great Christmas Ring! It's easy and it's fun. Through sales of Ringer's Edition books and Great Christmas Ring Merchandise at your event, you'll even turn a small profit to help with your bell choir's limited budget.

So grab your bell and get out there!
Red Fur Trimmed Gloves Image

Red Fur Trimmed Gloves
Festive Red Gloves with White Fur Trim

Stafford Signature Mallets Image
Developed in consultation with renowned handbell composer/director Kevin McChesney and Megan Reishus of the Forte Handbell Quartet, the Stafford Signature Series of Mallets are designed by ringers for ringers. Mallets in each range are designed by experts to protect your bells with normal use, while providing the musician with optimum response. Additionally, the mallets allow musicians to achieve the finest possible musical tone from each casting.

Shafts for the low bass mallets are 14 inch solid fiberglass with a comfort grip handle for greater control and less ringer fatigue.

Shafts for the C4-B5 range bells feature a 14 inch hollow fiberglass shaft, making our mallets a full ounce lighter than other brands. Shafts are coated with a protective rubber sheath for maximum ringer comfort and protection.

Shafts for the C6 and above range bells feature a 12 inch hollow fiberglass shaft coated with a protective rubber sheath, both lightening the weight and shortening the handle giving upper treble musicians more control while also eliminating fatigue.

These mallets have been thoroughly tested in real performance and rehearsal situations for over a year by children, youth, and adult ensembles. They offer benefits to musicians of all ages. The lighter weight is ideal for children, teens and adults. The balance and response help provide consistency and a clear tone in ostinato passages and long malleted sections of music.
The Stafford Signature Series is the official mallet of the National Honors Handbell Ensemble and the Stafford Regional Handbell Society's 9 ringing ensembles.

Pictured here, mallets are wrapped in all black durable nylon for the battery bass through battery treble mallets. Low bass mallets are wrapped in premium wool yarn. Other colors, or mixed colors are available at no extra charge. Contact us for options.
Anthony SH0 Image

Anthony SH0
Low Bass Mallet for C2 to E3 and Low Bass Chimes F#2 to B2

Bob SH1 Image

Bob SH1
Low Bass Mallet for G2 to B3

Westbrook SH2 Image

Westbrook SH2
Bass Mallet for G3 to G4

Jennifer SH3 Image

Jennifer SH3
Battery Mallet for C4 to C5

Glenda SH4 Image

Glenda SH4
Battery Mallet for G4 to G5

Melissa SH5 Image

Melissa SH5
Battery Mallet for C5 to E6

Cathy SH6 Image

Cathy SH6
Upper Treble Mallet for G5 to C7

Taylor SH7 Image

Taylor SH7
Upper Treble Mallet for G6 to C9