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King of the Jungle

  • Play song Stop song It's All About Him
  • Play song Stop song It's All About Me
  • Play song Stop song Brush Up On Your Bible
  • Play song Stop song Brush Up On Your Bible Reprise
  • Play song Stop song Call to Adventure
  • Play song Stop song I Am Your Child
  • Play song Stop song Jesus Will Save
  • Play song Stop song Set Free
  • Play song Stop song Welcome Home
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About the Musical

King of the Jungle is a non-seasonal musical with a strong evangelical message. As the story begins, Doctor Jonathan Grimes is hard at work in his lab developing a secret formula he believes will put him on the path to fame and fortune. His employers, have a constant eye on the bottom line, however, and when Grimes accidently blows up his lab, they send him off to Africa to retrieve the Super Carbonic Lithium Alloy he needs to continue his research. Grimes takes his lab assistants along as they travel to the remote village of AWAGAMBI. There, Grimes and his assistants meet the Awagambians and an American Missionary who is serving in the small village. When Grimes nearly destroys the village with his plan, he is amazed that the villagers and their missionary friend rescue him from the crocodile infested waters. Through his new found friends, Grimes experiences the grace and mercy of Christ.

Robbie and the Rocket powered Camel

  • Play song Stop song Great Big Horrible Terrible Very Bad Day!
  • Play song Stop song RPC-6000
  • Play song Stop song Stuff
  • Play song Stop song Father Christmas
  • Play song Stop song His Holy Light
  • Play song Stop song Look To The Manger
  • Play song Stop song That Wonderful Night
  • Play song Stop song God of All
  • Play song Stop song That's Why We Call It Christmas
Musical cover

About the Musical

In this Christmas Musical, Captain Roberta Scott is a Magi from the future. Four thousand years after the first Christmas, the world no longer knows what Christmas is all about. The wisemen now work for the Interstellar Council for Galactic and Temporal Continuity. It's their job to study the past and document the lessons learned for future generations. For years, the wisemen traveled in their Rocket-Powered Camel (RPC) time machines. Recently, however, the Council banned time travel when they discovered too many wisemen interfering with history. But its Christmas Eve, and Captain Scott is longing for adventure. At the urging of her Cyber-Robotic Animatronic Scientific Historian (CRASH) unit, she warily agrees to set off through time to discover the meaning of Christmas. CRASH has made significant changes to the rocket powered camel and renamed it the RPC-6000. Robbie and Crash board the camel to find their crew waiting for them. Together, they travel through the centuries tracing the history of Christmas until they finally land in Bethlehem on the first Christmas night.

The Ballad of Bullheaded Billy

  • Play song Stop song His Favorite Sons
  • Play song Stop song He Does Everything Right
  • Play song Stop song Double Your Money
  • Play song Stop song I Do Everything Right
  • Play song Stop song Song of the Hayee
  • Play song Stop song Welcome to Sin City
  • Play song Stop song Hog Heaven
  • Play song Stop song Going Home
  • Play song Stop song See You at the Feast
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About the Musical

The Ballad of Bullheaded Billy is an adventurous wild west look at the story of the Prodigal Son. In this 60 minute musical, we meet Billy, the Father's youngest son, and follow his journey from home with new found friends Dewey, Cheatham & Howe. The trio convinces Billy to ask for his inheritance and hit the road with them -- they'll take him to Sin City where every penny become a dollar and every dollar becomes a grand. But once Billy loses his money, he discovers that his new found friends aren't friends at all. While sitting in the pig pen at Hog Heaven, Billy realizes that only grace can save him now. He returns home to find his father waiting with forgiveness and open arms. This musical is full of fun music, entertaining characters and plenty of powerful messages about God's love and forgiveness for your kids and audience.

Journey to Tahinoahu

  • Play song Stop song A Place We Know
  • Play song Stop song Seek and Ye Shall Find
  • Play song Stop song Get Me Off This Rock
  • Play song Stop song Misery Loves Company Too
  • Play song Stop song Living Water
  • Play song Stop song If You Are Lost
  • Play song Stop song The Answer is Clear
  • Play song Stop song Just As I Am, I Come
  • Play song Stop song A Life of Total Praise
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About the Musical

A south seas island adventure for kids. Guests at the Tahinoahu resort come seeking fulfillment, peace, escape and fortune but find that the Island is full of secrets. Together, guests discover that the Island offers answers to all of their questions through a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Argh! It's Christmas

  • Play song Stop song Captain's Called a Meeting
  • Play song Stop song I've Got to Get to Work
  • Play song Stop song Joy Joy Joy
  • Play song Stop song Laurel Leaf Rag
  • Play song Stop song Very First Christmas Night
  • Play song Stop song Hark
  • Play song Stop song Three Wise Guys
  • Play song Stop song Greatest Treasure to Me
  • Play song Stop song Glory Hallelujah
Musical cover

About the Musical

Set sail with the most musical pirates on the high seas as they set off in search of Christmas Treasure - only to discover that a treasure greater than gold and more precious than silver is found in the nativity story of Jesus.