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King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle is a festive, non-seasonal musical with a strong evangelical and missions-based theme. The main character, Dr. Jonathan Grimes, finds himself in hot water with his greedy bosses Holmes, Sneed and Grubb after exploding his lab during a scientific experiment. As penance, Grimes and his lab assistants must head off to the remote African village of Awagambi where Msrs. Holmes, Sneed and Grubb have discovered a new source of the expensive alloy Grimes uses in the lab. But deceiving the people of Awagambi to give up their precious resource isn't as easy as Grimes hopes, and through the strong Christian witness of the citizens of Awagambi, Grimes realizes that he has traveled half way around the world looking for Super Carbonic Lithium Alloy, but found what he really needed instead -- a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Robbie and the Rocket Power Camel

Four thousand years after the first Christmas, the world no longer knows what Christmas is all about. The wisemen now work for the Interstellar Council for Galactic and Temporal Continuity. It's their job to study the past and document the lessons learned for future generations. For years, the wisemen traveled in their Rocket-Powered Camel (RPC) time machines. Recently, however, the Council banned time travel when they discovered too many wisemen interfering with history. But its Christmas Eve, and Captain Scott is longing for adventure. At the urging of her Cyber-Robotic Animatronic Scientific Historian (CRASH) unit, she warily agrees to set off through time to discover the meaning of Christmas. CRASH has made significant changes to the rocket powered camel and renamed it the RPC-6000. Robbie and Crash board the camel to find their crew waiting for them. Together, they travel through the centuries tracing the history of Christmas until they finally land in Bethlehem on the first Christmas night.

The Apostle

Based on the popular television show The Apprentice, The Apostle is a very contemporary musical which offers multimedia opportunties to reach today's kids. In the story, Ronald Crump is looking for someone to be the Apostle. He charges three teams with writing a commercial that tells someone how to secure his or her own future. Of the three teams only ServantCorp gets it right: the only way to secure the future, and the only way to be an Apostle, is through faith in Christ. The show is formatted in a similar fashion to the tv show featuring live scenes and cut away interviews. The cutaways can either be video taped ahead of time or done live as the show unfolds.

The Ballad of Bullheaded Billy

The Ballad of Bullheaded Billy is an adventurous wild west look at the story of the Prodigal Son. In this 60 minute musical, we meet Billy, the Father's youngest son, and follow his journey from home with new found friends Dewey, Cheatham & Howe. The trio convinces Billy to ask for his inheritance and hit the road with them -- they'll take him to Sin City where every penny become a dollar and every dollar becomes a grand. But once Billy loses his money, he discovers that his new found friends aren't friends at all. While sitting in the pig pen at Hog Heaven, Billy realizes that only grace can save him now. He returns home to find his father waiting with forgiveness and open arms. This musical is full of fun music, entertaining characters and plenty of powerful messages about God's love and forgiveness for your kids and audience.

Argh! It's Christmas

Join the most musical group of pirates that ever sailed the seas as they set off in search of Christmas Treasure. With the help of the local Constable and visits from the characters of the first Christmas, the pirate crew discovers that Christmas treasure isn't about riches and gold, it's about the miracle that happened in the manger. This musical wraps the treasure of Christmas in an entertaining, crowd pleasing package without sacrificing the purity of the Gospel message.

Journey to Tahinoaho

The Tahinoahu resort is open for business and accepting guests. Everyone comes to the Island for a reason. Every guest comes with questions and for personal reasons. With the help of the very qualified and very enlightened hotel staff, the guests realize that the answer to all their questions, and the secret to peace that passes all understanding lies in a relationship with Jesus Christ. This tropical island adventure transports kids and your audience to a place where Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He's the One that I Want

This 50's musical tells the story of a high school student who spends her summer at camp away from family and friends. While there, she discovers Christ and gives her life to him. Once she returns to Jefferson High, however, she's got to figure out how to walk the line between her new relationship with Christ and her old friends. To complicate matters, Kristie, her best friend from camp, has just moved to town and knows Jordan gave her life to Jesus over the summer. Full of fun, 50's style music, and a message that packs a powerful and relevant whallop, this musical will have your kids asking, "How do I live my life for Christ in the real world?"

Mission: Possible

Join the Angelic Mission Possible Force as the events of the first Christmas unfold in this cosmic look at Christmas. God had a definite plan for the birth of Christ, and the forces of evil were lined up to try and derail the plan to save mankind. This creative and musical look at the Nativity story asks the question of what roles God's angels may have played in making sure the plan came off as scheduled.

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