What you provide

Adequate rehearsal and audition space

(this is usually a gym, fellowship hall, or choir room)

A minimum of four break-out classrooms

These are used for small group time. Ideally, these rooms should be mostly empty to allow movement. Each room needs at least one power outlet.

Performance space

The "playing area" (the area in front of the set) must be at least 28'W 16'D 10'H and does not include additional backstage space required for cast members. Most church worship spaces or gyms are more than adequate. We travel with our own staging for set up in gym-like facilities.


We require private (not in a host home), clean, comfortable and safe accommodations for team members, either in a hotel/motel, dorm, vacant home, apartment or at the church if adequate showers are available. When staying on sight in a church, we require separate showers and rooms for boys and girls. Two large Sunday School type classrooms are ample, and we provide our own bedding and linens.

Ideally, all team members will be housed in one location where kitchen facilities are avaliable. This allows us to meet at night, debrief from the day, and spend quality prayer and preparation time together and cuts your cost as we can provide most of our own meals.

Housing must be provided for the entire week. Providing meals is optional, but we must have access to a kitchen to prepare meals for our staff.