What we do

In most cases, the ART-is-IN team will arrive at your location the afternoon before our first day with the kids. That evening, we will unpack, take stock of your facility, make our staging and set plans, and finalize our plans for the week.

During the summer, the camp day begins at 9:00 AM. Some organizations choose our half-day option (kids are in rehearsals from 9-noon), while others prefer an all day, day-camp like experience which runs until 3:00 PM. Both schedules still yield a full-scale production at the end of the week, but the full-day optioin allows us to work on a broader range of skills and spend more time with the children developing individual talents.

Each child who participates in ART-is-IN receives a listening CD of the music, a score, a camp t-shirt and a script.

On the first morning of ART-is-IN, we will hold open auditions. Kids will be cast that morning and receive their lines, scores and team assignments for the week.

No child will go uncast!

We truly believe there is a place for everyone and will ensure that every child who participates in an ART-is-IN residency will have the opportunity to discover new talents and experiment with different skills. For the rest of the week, time will be used to memorize lines, learn music and movement, and rehearse staging. In the full day option, kids may also participate in visual arts projects, percussion workshops, dance ensembles and vocal ensembles.

At the end of the week, the children will present their musical in a public performance on Friday night.
If you choose to sell tickets, you keep all the proceeds from those sales.