What does it cost

Fees vary depending on the options you select, the number of team members we provide, and the needs of your particular facility. Fees usually range from $5500 to $6000 plus housing. If your church has showers available, we prefer to stay on site at the camp location, or nearby in dorms or church-owned houses. This saves our hosts money and is more convenient for our staff. We do not charge additional fees, and there are no materials, supplies, equipment, or personnel you have to provide. The only other costs you incur beyond our fee are the cost of facility use and the cost of two snacks per day for the campers. Most of our host churches recoup the cost of the program through camp registration fees. We recommend a fee of $75 - $85 per camper, though some churches charge more and others charge less. We do not require you to charge a specific fee, and we do not limit your enrollment. Enrollment is limited only by the size of your facility and playing space.

Because we share a vision for using the fine and performing arts as a witnessing and ministry opportunity for children from all cultures and all walks of life, each summer we conduct one ART-is-IN day camp free of charge in partnership with a local church.

For application information and further details, please contact us.